My Personal Velo Routier Build

Evan_VR_9 - Copy

I finally managed to build up a Velo Routier up for myself. I wanted a bike ready for commuting and multi-day unsupported rides. No camping for me, but I need the capacity to carry clothing, and gear for any combination of snow, hail or torrential rain and temperatures that range from -10C to +30 C which are all possible on the same day out here in Alberta where we live and ride!

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I went to my parts bin and put together a mix of classic and modern. I stuck with our stock wheeset (Jetline rims, SS 15g spokes and Access seal hubs) but went with a bit heavier rubber with Grand Bois Herte tires and with our ultralite Maxxis inner tubes. Other stock parts inclulded a Luxe crankset (46T-30T), Kalloy seat post and my nicely broken-in Gryes leather saddle which I moved off of our prototype 2 bike.

Evan_VR_5 - Copy 

I decided to have a little fun with the drive train with a Huret Jubilee long-cage rear derailleur, Mavic front derailleur and Simplex Retro-friction shifters. I mounted the shifters in a nod the 1970’s weight weenies, front shifter on the downtube and rear shifter on a Dia-Comple bar-end pod – saves a few grams on a shorter cable run and one less barend shifter pod :-). I used a SRAM 8-speed chain and cassette which worked great with the old Huret and Mavic derailleurs and have the benefit of being available in small town shops in the case of a repair.

Evan_VR_6 - Copy

Stopping is supplied by Mavic Raid brakes. Greater fender clearance and cool factor aside, they are noticeably more flexible than the Dia-compe 750. While I want to match the Raid brakes with classic Mafac half-hood levers, I stuck with the Dia-Compe DC204QC brake levers as I have not been able find a pair with hoods in decent condition. To think those levers were as common and unloved as dandelions when I was a kid!

I mounted the front and rear rack in traditional constructeur fashion to the top of the fenders with bolts and leather washers. A Velo-Orange decaleur mounted to a Stronglight A9 needle-bearing headset with TTT handlebars/stem and shellaced Tressostar cloth tape. I have no idea how anyone wraps a set of bars with 2 rolls Tressorstar, I always end up using 3 rolls.

I’ll be riding it my annual Rocky Mountain 4-day extended weekend tour starting this Saturday. This year is the our easy route with four 100 km days, two of which are pretty flat and two day that end at the Radium Hot springs. June is the wettest month of the year on the eastern slopes but traffic is light as the tour buses and RV’s are not out in full force yet.


Jason and I have ridden bikes all our lives. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think, talk, tinker with or ride a bike. We’ve seen and experienced almost every type, style and form of cycling; from three wheel trikes to BMX bikes, road racing, track racing, mountain biking,  cross country touring and everyday commuting, it’s obvious, we just love bikes and getting out for a ride. So, after a series of fits and starts we’re excited to announce that we’ve created our own company, Cycles Toussaint, that belies the passion and purpose we find important to us in bicycles.
We began with the idea of providing comfort and classic style as the starting point, so we created the Velo Routier frame. A wonderfully built steel classic frame that incorporates our desire for 650B wheels. We complimented this with a full spec Velo Routier bike with classic components and our own proprietary cream-tread Pacenti Pari-Moto tires made exclusively for us at Cycles Toussaint by Panaracer.
Suffice it to say, we’re excited about the direction we are headed, so we look forward to hearing from all of you and if you like what you see and want something a little different, drop us a line at and we can create a custom build for you if that’s your desire. We’ll get you a quote and a delivery ETA.
Whether you are just starting to ride or you’re an experienced veteran of the road, you’ll understand that it’s not about the destination to where you are headed, it’s about the journey to get there.
Ride your Journey.