Madonna di Ghisallo – The Patron Saint of Cyclists

Evan_VR_4 - Copy

A little more on the medallion on the top tube of my build. Madonna di Ghisallo is the patron saint of cyclists. The medallion can be bought from the chapel  at the top of Ghisallo Pass north of Milan but I bought a few from a table a the bike jumble the Saturday before I rode L’Eroica 2012 . Unfortunately, we don’t have any for sale but apparently Ric Hjertberg, the “Wheel Fanatyk”, has some available .
The medallion has an embossed Madonna di Ghisallo framed by a chainring and chain with an inscription in Italian that translates to “The Madonna Will Protect”.  She is flanked by the inscription ” Keepsake Ghisallo Sanctuary”  on the one side and the chapel set in mountains on the other.  It comes with long straps that can accommodate put to 31.8mm diameter top tube. I’ve seen a few creative installations on stems and handlebars but I decide to mount it the “proper” way on the top tube which required cutting off the excess strap and some filing.

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