Velo Routier Frame V.2

We finally have some news!

Yes, there will be a version 2 of the Velo Routier frame. The low-trail geometry, braze-ons and the tubing specifications of V.1 remain the same. We are making the following minor changes:

  • increasing the rear axle dropout spacing from 130mm to 132.5mm to allow the more commonly available 135mm hubs and wheels sets to be fitted.
  • instead of vertical, the V.2 will have adjustable horizontal rear drop outs which will allow for internal hub and fixed-gear builds.
  • the front fork crown will now have an underside 5mm threaded fitting to allow fenders to be attached to the crown directly.
  • the indent diameter of the chainstay and the clearance of the seatstays wil be increased from 52mm to 56mm to allow for wider fenders and tires.
  • In a fit of madness, we also have decided to have few frames in each size made as a “no braze-on frame” – without pump, brake, brake cables, dérailleur cables or shifters bosses and with 2 sets of bottle cage braze-ons on the seat and down tubes and fender attachments.

You can have any colour as long as it is French Tricolour-esque blue. Price tentatively will be $525.00 USD. With a bit of luck we hoping to to have them available in our on-line store and in local dealers by May.

Cheers and Ride Your Journey!
Evan and Angus

BTW We still have a few (very few) 51cm and 60cm creme colour V.1 frames left in-stock.

10 thoughts on “Velo Routier Frame V.2

  1. Great news! I love my VR because it’s so versatile and designed for a front load, wide tires and fenders (which work better with vertical dropouts unfortunately), et c. I use it for doing laundry, beer runs (24 cans? No problem!), and everything else. If i ever open a bike shop, i’ll order a truckload!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback. Unfortunately for V.2, our manufacturer unilaterally increased our minimum order quantity, take it or leave it, so we needed to widen the frame’s appeal to the broadest purchasing audience possible. Yes, fenders do work “best” with vertical drop outs but we have had requests for internal hub and single speed builds and horizontals do allow a bit more flexibility with tire/fender sizes as well as minor alignment ability so horizontal dropouts seems to be a reasonable change at the expense of rear wheel/fender access. And if sales go well for V.2, you open a shop and a few more LBS’ order a “truckload” of frames, we would be more than happy to offer the V.3 in vertical and track drop out versions.

  2. I’m so excited to get one of the frames. It looks like the best entry level low trail bike available. Please keep us updated!

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